Science behind Kinesiology

Science behind Kinesiology

Kinesiology uses the gentle art of muscle monitoring to access information about a person’s wellbeing and identify the areas blocking the body’s natural healing processes.

The real goal of any Kinesiology ‘balance’ is to identify the root cause of any imbalance and then resolve it. It may be nutritional, emotional, structural, psychological, energetic or even spiritual – something as simple as difficulty sleeping or feeling a little blue.

Originating in the 1970’s, Kinesiology combines ancient Western techniques and Eastern science to promote physical, emotional,mental and spiritual health. Kinesiology identifies the elements inhibiting the body’s natural internal energies and accessing the life enhancing potential within the individual.

Muscle testing began in 1912 with a Harvard Medical School professor of orthopaedic surgery, Dr Robert Lovett. It was used to gauge the level of disabilities in the case of nerve damage and polio.

In the 1960’s Dr. George Goodheart DC, took this research further and discovered that muscle testing could be used to gather information from the body. This system was called ‘Applied Kinesiology’ and saw many chiropractors embracing Chinese medicine techniques of acupressure and meridian systems.

Its effective results come from the way it works with the body’s innate healing intelligence to restore balance and health to neurological and physiological function. Profound changes may be experienced emotionally, mentally and physically, thereby increasing a person’s health and wellbeing.

When our system is functioning well, we feel well.

Kinesiology by Kemina assists the body to heal itself. When there is a blockage or stress preventing a smooth flow of energy throughout the body, Kemina uses muscle monitoring and other simple, yet powerful techniques to restore balance within the body.

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Kemina is at Soul Space in Newmarket and is mobile. Ph 0400 565 116
Kemina is in Newmarket and is mobile. Ph 0400 565 116