Winners of the Kinesiology competition are...
Winners of the Kinesiology competition are...

Thank you all for entering. It was such a thrill to read all your entries. Wow there were so many entries that are so worthy of winning. But there can only be 2 competition winners. So instead of selecting I took the route of drawing the winners out of a bowl (I didn’t have a hat handy).

I think the biggest thing I noticed was that many of the entries were from the children of current clients. It seems there are lots of struggling parents out there wanting some relief. I felt your pain parents in the entries and I feel for you.

The winners of two free kinesiology sessions are:

  • Annamieka Dambergs
  • Amy Peryer

Congratulations and especially to Amy as it seems this will be a birthday present for her.

I was so grateful for all the thoughtful entries I received that I really want to give everyone a prize to help me celebrate my birthday.

I’ve decided to give everyone that entered $40 off their next session!!

Thanks again for entering and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Just stop trying so f’ing hard

Everyone is so tightly wound up from the pressure that they will pop. They feel like they are doing a lot but getting nowhere. I challenge you to let it all go.

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The science of Kinesiology and what happens in a session

For your body to work harmoniously and in a receptive and balanced manner, all the organs, glands, and cells need to work together. A negative belief can create an imbalance in the body by changing the vibration in different areas of your body. Kinesiology corrects imbalances..

how kinesiology works
Kinesiology by Kemina special offer
Is life doing rings around you?
Kemina is at Soul Space in Newmarket and does Home Visits. Ph 0400 565 116
Kemina is at Soul Space in Newmarket and does Home Visits. Ph 0400 565 116
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