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Advanced life development program
kids in hammock
Advanced life development program

The Advanced Life Development Program is one of the most effective programs to help you energise your life and align it with deep purpose. It can help you dive into the realms of life purpose, navigating relationships powerfully and artfully, sexual intimacy, living with passion and awareness, financial freedom and leadership.

You may have tried to reach your goals and feel like you were pushing through negative experiences or get stuck analysing your problems and get no where fast. Kinesiology is a reliable tool to pinpoint and release the causes of your stress.

The kinesiology coaching program investigates and reveals where we need to look for you to achieve balance, in the context of your goals and intentions. So you can be lead to where you truly need to change in order to find what you are looking for.


The Kinesiology Coaching program provides powerful, clear and effective methods to
break through the place that is most feared – the void
(the unknown – where you don’t know what will happen and you want to crawl back to your comfort zone)
It helps you not only reach for your dreams but actually live them.

The brain’s ability to change itself is something we work closely with throughout this program. The way the brain changes itself is by exercising the region of the brain that is weak. This stimulates the neurons and invigorates them so change can occur and you can break free from your old patterns. Changing these patterns requires focused effort which is addressed in a effective way throughout this program.

The program consists of 5 powerful 1.5 hour to 2 hour sessions over 10 weeks.

You will be provided an activity regime to enhance your brain plasticity.

We will focus on three components that drive the brain to change itself…

  1. Being able to identify the area that is holding you back in our processing or behaviour
  2. Having sufficient motivation to overcome the wild ride of change
  3. Implementing an activity regime that directly challenges the zone that is keeping you in a holding pattern.

When I first see clients they are in a survival state. After stepping out of this they become interested in life enriching experiences that coaching helps with.

Being in a survival state means the person is in a heightened state of stress from an activated fight/flight response. This is usually caused by unresolved childhood trauma being reactivated by a present time experience. In a fight/flight response we are problem focused, we are challenged neurologically as our higher intellect and creative inspiration shuts down. Those time when your brain just doesn’t work or engage.

As we lose integration of the higher aspects of our brain function, the lower more primitive aspects of our brain take over causing us to respond not unlike a frightened animal.

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” Carl Jung

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” Carl Jung

The Advanced Life Development Program is a challenging, invigorating and life affirming program.

It requires a commitment of time, money and energy.

If you are ready to take the challenge and leap into a life that is aligned with your purpose then it’s for you.

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Kemina is in Newmarket and does Home Visits. Ph 0400 565 116
Kemina is in Newmarket and does Home Visits. Ph 0400 565 116