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What they haven't told you. It's the secret to ageing well

We have all been told that if you eat healthy and look after yourself you will look younger and age well. So why is it you hear stories about people who eat all the wrong things and drink and smoke and yet they look younger than others and appear to be ageing well. It makes you question this whole philosophy.

Not that eating right and looking after yourself isn’t key, but there has to be something else that is missing.  Right?

This missing ingredient is emotional health. Living freely in the present makes you healthier, happier and helps with ageing well.

Yes it is possible to be freed from traumas of the past.  To overcome suffering and emotional patterns that we keep repeating and generally wear us down. Frustration, anger, lashing out at someone we love, repeat. Does this sound familiar?

As a Kinesiologist I see people everyday suffering due to trauma and emotional issues that hold them back from living their best life. The reason for this is that trauma and unresolved emotions are stored in our bodies right down to the cells leaving us exhausted and stressed out.  The danger is that, when left unresolved over time, they can create illness. These unresolved emotions can even begin to block our brain pathways, so the messages from our brain to our organs and glands can be blocked. Instead they take the long route, which makes us function a little slower. I think we all can relate to that from time to time. Now you know why.

As we all know, the older we get the more wear and tear we have. But the key to reducing the wear and tear, is to resolve the trauma’s and stresses we have placed on our bodies.  This enables us to bounce back and not just cope with everyday life.  So instead of just surviving, we are thriving.

How we deal with emotions

Sounds simple doesn’t it?  The problem is, we as humans, are crap at dealing with our emotions. What we do instead of dealing with an emotion is one of six things:

  • suppress it
  • avoid it
  • resist it
  • judge it
  • separate from it
  • deny it.

A healthy way for our body, mind and soul to deal with the stresses of everyday life is to change this.

Here’s a healthy and effective way of dealing with emotion…Try sitting with the emotion caused from the stress – just simply feel it. I know it sounds scary, that’s why we avoid it but that’s only because we either see so many people handle emotions badly that we have started to believe they are bad or we have left them so long that we have built them up into a giant size version of the emotion. Sit on your own, close you eyes and scan your body from head to toes:

  • feel where this emotion sits in your body
  • what does it feel like?
  • is keeping this emotion helpful to your wellbeing?
  • do any thoughts jump into your mind from events that happened years ago? If so, maybe that’s where the emotional trauma started. Don’t try to stop them, just observe them and let them float by.

Once you have felt and observed the emotion in all its intensity without building it up into something bigger and seen how it is affecting you can now easily let it go.

Ageing well is achievable by all of us

Ageing well is achievable by all of us, but it depends your ability to deal with your emotions and resolve stresses and traumas from your past.  More than just letting go, actually choosing to resolve them.

What many people may not realise is that there is an easy and extremely effective way to resolve long term stresses in our bodies with Kinesiology. It can quite quickly and easily resolve these traumas and stresses. Some clients have even resolved life-long traumas in 1 -3 sessions. I had one female client, aged 56, who had excruciating pain in her leg from an unresolved trauma from a rape as a teenager – in 3 session this was resolved and now the pain is 100% gone.

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