birthday celebrations
Birthday celebrations at Kinesiology by Kemina
birthday celebrations
Birthday celebrations at Kinesiology by Kemina

It’s my birthday at Kinesiology by Kemina. Wow what a year it’s been!

I have met so many wonderful people. I’ve helped over 120 people in the past year and I’ve got say that every single one of them are frickin amazing. The courage and tenacity they’ve show in overcoming huge obstacles is so inspiring. It makes my job a joy!

There have been quite a few people who have had chronic illness or pain and through their own determination and focus combined with kinesiology they overcame these illnesses within 3 – 4 months. I’m talking about people with chronic heart conditions, pain so horrible they can barely move, chronic disease and immune dysfunction and life threatening virus’s. They did whatever they had to do to get their life on track and overcome their illnesses. You people rock!

But others have faced great adversity and obstacles that can’t be overlooked. There is a baby on the way after a few kinesiology sessions to help remove the infertility obstacles. There have many people who have turned around their depression, which I find takes such courage because often they have a disbelief that life can ever be great again and they have very little motivation but they did it, despite all that.

Others have overcome impotence, weight problems, addictions, food sensitivities, allergies, sleeplessness, chronic anaemia and the list goes on.

So yep what an interesting year it’s been for me. Thank you all for trusting me and confiding in me. I am deeply touched.

As part of the birthday celebrations and as a special thanks, I’m giving 2 people, 2 free kinesiology sessions each. You can keep them for yourself or give them to a friend who you think may be in need and share the love.

Just fill in the form to go in the draw and let me know why you think you should win the kinesiology sessions. I’ll be announcing the winners on the 15th March.

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Kemina is at Soul Space in Newmarket and does Home Visits. Ph 0400 565 116
Kemina is at Soul Space in Newmarket and does Home Visits. Ph 0400 565 116
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