Stanton and Kemina
How I embraced the death of a loved one to free myself from the past
Stanton and Kemina
How I embraced the death of a loved one to free myself from the past

Death is such a powerful thing. It really puts things into perspective and breaks down barriers.

My gorgeous and super clever little pooch has come to the end of the time in this body- his body is shutting down and he has 5 to 6 weeks left.

So through my tears I decided to embrace it all, follow the road ahead, see where it takes me; and give the little dude the farewell he deserves.  Therefore I’m creating a Stanton Festival (yes Stanton his name.  I know, I know just how wrong it is for a dog’s name.  So the story goes that for about 3 months of my life my favourite band in the whole world was Stanton Warriors and he came into my life during that period).  The festival will consist of him hanging out with all his doggy and human friends over the past 14 years and just have fun.

I thought a festival was a much better option than hanging on.  I had a client who had chronic heart problems which were inoperable because of how fragile she was.  I watched her hanging on because her family didn’t want her to go and how much pain that was causing her.  She was feeling the weight of their sorrow and it manifested physically and created her to have dizzy spells and all sorts of excruciating pain in her body.  I wouldn’t want to do that to him.

So far it’s been a wild adventure of reconnecting with the past.

It started with his dad, whom now has a wife (we weren’t married – just engaged) and 3 kids. I thought it would be a trip to get them to see each other one last time.  Apparently that is only something I envisaged because he shut down the idea.  Got to say that one puzzles me; it’s not like we split on bad terms.  I guess some people can’t deal with things or resolve the past so they put it in a box and don’t touch it or go near it.  It’s safer that way, or so they think.  So instead of getting annoyed, disappointed or angry at the lack of care and emotion, I decided to send him the love that he clearly needs – since he is so cold.  I let him know how much Stanton loved him and missed him when he was gone.  It was very liberating and filled me with love instead of angst.

So this started the parade of ex’s and friends from past and present.  I contacted them asking them to send him good vibes and love over the coming weeks so he feels loved.  Then on came the onslaught of wonderful and touching heartfelt words.  So much love.  It’s so amazing to share great moments and pure love with people.  It fills you up and makes you stand tall.  It also helped me to reconnect with friends who I’ve been out of touch with for a while.

Then came those who there have been altercations with but yet I still reached out and liberated myself from the past in doing so.  Why hold onto the crap??  It only sits inside and incubates problems.  They loved and adored Stants (short for stanton) the same way I did.  Well maybe not as much, but everyone could see just how amazing he is.  These people didn’t respond to me with the same love that I offered.  Some actually didn’t respond.  It wouldn’t have been their lack of love for him because he being a dog was filled with nothing but unconditional love and always behaved in a way that showed that.  But yet again I didn’t let the coldness in the air from those troubled by life touch me.  Instead I just sent them all love in return and again it filled me with love.

I think I need to share a few tales about him so you can understand the gravity of how much he has been loved and appreciated.  Stanton is a little bit of healer himself.  He was born into the world with bow legs because he let all his little brothers and sisters have all the milk in the womb; so he didn’t get the calcium he needed to form strong bones.  This led to continual leg pain and issues.

When friends have been quite sick they have had dreams of him hugging them and healing them.  He doesn’t require a lead ever!   He just follows me where ever I go.  I get at least one comment a day from strangers surprised at how adorable and well behaved and happy he is; he is so gentle. For example when you feed a dog they grab at the food and gobble it all up.  Stants just takes his time and savours every mouth full.  He delicately takes it from your hand or his bowl and then licks his lips afterwards to say thanks for the tasty treat!  He’s also a tough little bugger; you wouldn’t even know how much pain he is in or how sick he is by looking at him. So yeah, he’s pretty amazing.

So back to the Stanton Festival….

I had to paws for a few minutes to give little Stants some pampering and a behind the ear rub!   Ah the orgasmic joy on his face!

This is the start of the journey, who knows where it will go and what strength I will find in myself as I travel along the path.  I do have some more pampering for him coming up.  So far he has received a delicious rain drop technique (it’s a session of essential oils being dropped and rubbed into your body in all the right places – like a massage) to relieve his pain and any emotional turmoil he may be feeling from a friend who is filled with the most positive vibes.  Amy Joyous is her name and she’s at relax and Replenish in Redcliffe

I’d also like to thank the beautiful Soni for capturing Stanton’s joy in the photo’s. You can find Sonia at Glow portraits and weddings

Thanks to all my gorgeous friends for all your love and support during this time.

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Kemina is at Soul Space in Newmarket and does Home Visits. Ph 0400 565 116
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