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Overcoming our greatest challenge - dealing with emotions
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Overcoming our greatest challenge - dealing with emotions

Stories are how we understand, how we remember and how we learn…our experiences are always consistent with our assumptions, emotions and beliefs. Each moment we actively construct what we think, feel, and experience.

These beliefs impact on how we deal with experiences and challenges that occur in our life and tends to gets us into all sorts of trouble. Often we are confused, struggling, barely coping with life or lashing out at people. How often have we all said “oh man, I wish I didn’t do that!” Many of us are really crap at dealing with our emotions. This is not due to lack of trying or poor skills. The biggest contributing factor is due to the fact that we have a lot of interference blocking us from processing them or learning how to process them effectively.  

There are many kinds of interference… there can be gunk in the DNA – you may have read articles about how scientists have mapped out the DNA and all the strands; but have also found what they call gunk. There are hereditary emotions and physiological issues that our spirit can’t recognise because it is foreign to it. 

There are other kinds too. Such as when we have a major stress in our lives we often want to run away from ourselves, often literally. We all have energy fields around us and within those energy fields fragments of our spirit runs away and is left behind. So we start to not feel whole and a bit broken.

Being incomplete in spirit also prevents us from processing our emotions. To rectify this is actually a simple process, taking only about 10 minutes to bring your dislodged fragments back into your full being. It’s called soul retrieval. It has been suggested by experts that they believe this impacts on why many people have addictions. The substance they ingest compensates and temporarily fills in the holes in your spirit. 

Then there are also negative attachments; where the emotion needs to be resolved relating to the attachment, to separate it from you.

Once all this interference is removed, the process of re-grounding so additional interference is prevented from re-attaching itself to you. Re-connecting your body, mind and spirit can then occur. 

As our mind controls our body these need to be connected and aligned to function optimally. Often our messages from our mind can be a bit haywire or confused, taking the long route to get where they are supposed to go. When misalignment occurs, sickness and stress can occur; the longer it is misaligned, the longer the issue is able to incubate, which can impact on the extent of the sickness or stress. So by removing all interference we are better equipped to deal with life’s challenges.

Part of this process is looking at all the cells, organs and structure to check for the exact location of any stress that requires releasing to achieve optimal functionality. This process includes locating the unresolved emotions that have created issues in our bodies function and releasing them. By removing any interference prior to this process it makes the resolving of emotions much quicker, which in turn brings us to optimal health much quicker.

By rethinking the healing process it’s possible to achieve optimal health quicker so we can focus on the things that really matter; like really living life to the fullest and achieving our dreams.

I have found as a Kinesiologist that people tend to only focus on the health aspect and once they have gained full health they let bring their healing journey to a halt. So instead of maintaining their health journey and expanding their awareness they wait till the next big crisis happens and all the tension to build up to an unbearable state. If however they continued with regular kinesiology sessions every 6 to 10 weeks to uncover further conscious and unconscious beliefs and triggers holding them back from achieving their dreams that many be causing mental confusion, the crisis wouldn’t be so overwhelming. It’s a bit like they are travelling through life on rocky mountainous terrain rather than a hilly countryside. Sure some people get off on climbing mountains but they do it with safety gear and are fully prepared rather than going in blind! 

Being in good health is an awesome place to be, but it’s not the end of the journey. Kinesiology can offer so much more….like helping people achieve their dreams. Rather than maintaining the status quo go out there and create a life that is fulfilling and inspiring, becoming a master of their mind. This is my kinesiology dream – to get people to see the possibilities and go for it.

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Kemina is In Newmarket and Brookfield Ph: 0400 565 116