Is the world on the brink of disaster or greatness?

The world is on the brink of disaster or greatness. What do you think? 

It’s all perception.

I was chatting to a client who said she had the most amazing year last year. She described all the challenges she had and how she overcame them in the most magical way.

She then spoke to a friend who said she had the worst year last year and she described all the challenges she had. But then my client said to her “but you overcame all of those isn’t that a giant win?” Do you see the negative or do you see your greatness and congratulate yourself on what you have achieved. It’s simply a choice. You can change that choice right now if you want. Make a new choice.

It’s all perception.

Do you dare to see what is really going on? We all have the answers but some choose to look at the negative things. Some choose to cover their eyes with their hands. But we’ve all done that – watched a horror movie with our hands over our faces – we still peak out through our fingers. You can still see. All that does is allow you to stop seeing the truth.

The truth lies in what you can’t see. The invisible to the human eye. That’s where the magic happens. How do you know someone is going to call before they call. It’s like magic. Or is it because we have energetic cords or communication cords to everyone we have a relationship with. We are always connected. This is one of the invisible things that make the magic happen. Want to know more? There’s so much to know. Science is debunking beliefs from old ways of thinking and discovering new knowledge everyday. The world is hungry for knowledge and we all want to know.

It’s easy..Just allow yourself to find out the answers, the truth. It will come. It’s not as hard as you think. If you are challenged by what you face. Sit with it. Allow yourself to absorb this and see if deep within you, you can in fact resonate with it and perhaps feel within your core for it to be the truth. Let go of resistence to allow yourself to just sit with the possible new truth.

Like past lives. I had a client who was adimant that past lives didn’t exist then within seconds of saying that had a vision of a past life. I muscle tested to confirm what this was and if it was actually a past life. If you don’t know muscle testing enables you to access the innate truth of the body – it bypasses the conscious to get to the truth. It’s very cool. So back to the vision of the past life – he experienced it for himself. No trickery or facts or anything was needed. It just came to him. Hwe saw it. He allowed himself to remove the veil or blinkers or programs, fear or whatever it was that was covering up his ability to see the truth.

So is the world on the brink or disaster or greatness?

I think it’s on the verge of greatness.

We are tearing down the old structures that no longer work – in politics, gender, sexuality, education, corporates, science and the list goes on. Everything has become transparent. The truth is crystal clear now if you want to see it. We are tearing down what doesn’t work so we can build a whole new world in a way that works for everyone. If that isn’t greatness, what is?

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