Elderly couple walking
The problem with the healing process
Elderly couple walking
The problem with the healing process

2020 is the year for better decisions. HELL YEAH BRING THAT!

This year is all about humanity stepping up!

The world is in chaos. All the systems are breaking down and I know we all wish for a better world.


We’ve all heard it starts with us.

Many people say, “Sure but how can me making a change really change the world? Besides, I’ve worked so hard at trying to make things better in my life and health and it’s not working”

They say, “I’m so frickin tired, in pain and can’t shake the constant thoughts, anxiety and brain fog.” They are just over it but don’t know what else to do.

In my clinic, I help people overcome these issues quickly and thrive in life. I’ve watched hundreds of people overcome their aches, pains, diseases and issues and it’s amazing thing to watch. It’s so satisfying. It’s seriously the best job in the world.

But I want to do more too on a bigger scale. If one person can change the way they approach life because their minds and bodies are clear, then they can have an impact on the people around them as so the ripple effect carries on.


THE PROBLEM WITH HEALING and getting over our shit is that we all have so much and we spend so much time resisting it all or repeatedly going over and over things and events in heads trying to make sense of it all. This gets us nowhere but stuck going around in circles.

USING THE BODYFLOW ENERGETICS METHOD I TEACH PEOPLE TO RECODE THEIR PATTERNS AND STORIES keeping them going around in circles and being a victim of circumstance to move beyond it into a place of creating a life that surpasses expectations.

I help people to locate exactly what is necessary from the moment of trauma and how it is affecting the person today so they can see it as it truly is with clarity and a higher perspective and heal optimally.


A single moment can affect our lives dramatically.

Interestingly events relating to a particular belief occurs in cycles. The belief cycle rears its ugly every 3 or 6 etc years – it varies. It pops up again and again to reaffirm our non-beneficial belief patterns and keep us stuck to it.

By locating the story and regularity the pattern repeats itself and bringing in the appropriate energetic frequency to release the hold that that story has on us we can get our minds, bodies and lives flowing again and healing optimally.


This can have a dramatic effect on our lives in a magical and positive way and can dramatically improve our health, minds, soul and lives quite quickly.

When we see clearly, with an open heart, that’s when magic occurs.

I teach people to do just this, using the Bodyflow Energetics method to healing themselves, their friends and family or to create a business and heal the community if they so choose.

Check out the dates for the upcoming Bodyflow Energetics courses

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Kemina is in Newmarket and does Home Visits. Ph 0400 565 116
Kemina is in Newmarket and does Home Visits. Ph 0400 565 116
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