womens equality
Why the women's equality movement is going about it all wrong
womens equality
Why the women's equality movement is going about it all wrong

As we all know there are many minority groups that have been suppressed over the years and women is one of them.

Even the female right to have a say in society and the community is a fairly recent thing. New Zealand was the first country to allow women to vote in 1893, while the King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia granted women the right to vote in 2011. The United States finally began allowing women to vote in 1920.

If we look back over the years at women’s equality. It was only in the 1960’s and 70’s that women really entered the workplace in great numbers to help support their families and keep the economy on track.

It was in 1961 when the contraceptive pill took Australia and the world by storm. Initially it was only available to married women in Australia, and some Catholic doctors flat-out refused to prescribe it, but the feminist movement hailed the invention as an “equaliser” which gave them the same sexual freedom as men.

The pill meant women no longer had to choose between a career and having a relationship, and so more of them entered the workforce.

Ever since then women have fought to take their place in all areas of the workplace. To survive in a male dominated workplace women have felt they need to take on male traits to be noticed and compete with male counterparts. If we look at people like Margaret Thatcher who is known as the Iron Lady she had very masculine qualities to her. And Julia Gillard had to part take in a bloodless coup to get rid of Kevin Rudd.

Over the ages us women have had to battle for our rights. Now we are asking men to jump on board and soften too and do their fair share in the home without question, to be more compassionate, thoughtful and communicate with more depth and bring in more of their feminine qualities to bring in a more balanced world. While there is no doubt that this is a more than reasonable request is the way we are asking for it potentially undermining men and impacting how they are responding to us. Before you jump on the attack hear me out.

Isn’t it time we embraced who we really are and our femininity to achieve what we want. Wouldn’t that make more sense? Haven’t we finally earned that? Or have we gotten so lost along the way that we have forgotten what it really means to be a woman?

What is feminine and masculine energy?
Femininity is about the depths of emotions, compassion, expression, appreciation, and glorification of life and the life experience, and the ambition to see it prosper, it’s about receptivity, and nurturing. Where as the masculine qualities are drive, strength, competitiveness, independence and logic. If we look at the world we can see it is strongly tilted toward masculine energy.

Just look around you. What we see so often is that if you want to be powerful, if you want to succeed, if you want to control your own destiny, then you need to drive, you need to strive and you need to push. Hard. It’s why in the past we have seen so few female role models who are not just another version of a man, sometimes even more masculine, which can lead women and especially younger women, feeling that there is no way for them to be successful if they don’t become ‘that version’ of success.

By taking on these traits we aren’t be our true selves. We aren’t standing in our full feminine power which can be very powerful if we just learned how to use it wisely.

If we look at the women’s lib movement and specifically the women’s equality rally in January this year it was filled with aggression. I’m sure many of us saw that You Tube clip that spread around of Ashley Judd aggressive ”‘I am a nasty woman‘ rant.

This has put not just America, but also men, at a crossroads. Men, as being the typical embodiment of masculine power and, especially in America, self-defined as such, now see that they’re not needed as they used to be in the form of fighting foes or even providing for their partner. In a way, feminine power can say to masculine power, “no worries, I got it from here.”

A man may think, “what good am I?” Old assumptions of self-worth have been pulled out from underneath. I think this helps explain men feeling a bit lost today. Men are trying to find meaning in their lives in a new world where the feminine is equal and the masculine redefined—defined, in my opinion, by further implementing the feminine.

Let the masculine motivation to conquer and compete be inspired by the feminine appreciation for life. Use the drive for success and accomplishment to lead to productive ends. Grow a competitive business to enable the growth of jobs and the economy. Invent a new widget that makes our lives easier. Address life-threatening problems like famine and cancer. This time, conquer atomic technology not to defeat enemies, but to benefit others.

We all want to live in a world were we have compassion for others and where everyone treats each other with respect. So we need to start to that in our every day lives and inspire others to do that same by working together to create balance and embracing both our masculine and feminine energies.

By creating a balance in our masculine and feminine energy we are better equipped to create balance in our lives which in turn can only impact the world as a whole in a positive way.

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