The first sunrise for 2018 showing the awakening that cocurs with kinesiology by kemina
Creating a new year that not only lives up to your dreams but exceeds them
The first sunrise for 2018 showing the awakening that cocurs with kinesiology by kemina
Creating a new year that not only lives up to your dreams but exceeds them

I had the privilege of going to Woodford Music Festival for the eve of the new year. The atmosphere was truly amazing, it was like soaking in a bubble bath with all the good vibes going around and of course there was the incredible music. There were two ways the festival organiser’s helped to create a new year of success for each of us that were truly magical experiences.

At 11.30pm just before the clock’s chimed midnight and the cheers begun, there was a gong that resounded around the whole festival and then there was complete silence. All the music and the noise of 50,000 people were non existent, you could even hear the birds. We all lit a candle and reflected on our year and set intentions for the new year to come. Feeling the energy of 50,000 people all doing this at once was very powerful and magical. It showed the power of the people and what it an achieve.

The clocks may have chimed midnight but it’s not to late create set your intentions and goals for the year.

When setting intentions and goals or the year it’s always best to reflect on the past year

I often find that when people reflect on the past they make a b-line straight to the negative stuff and what went wrong. But like anything, it’s how you look at it that makes all the difference. Try thinking about what you planned to achieve and what actually did achieve? Compare the two. In some in stances it may have been more or less than you hoped for. Putting all emotion aside ask yourself why might this be the case for the goals where you achieved more or less or exactly what you hoped for.

By reflecting on why you achieved more than you hoped for is just as important as why you achieved less. It teaches us what we did that worked. It helps to focus on the good stuff too rather than the negative.

  • Did you have more of a plan for the good stuff and have the goal in place and break it down into baby steps so it wasn’t so overwhelming and that’s why it worked?
  • Did you let all expectations go and just surrender to what will be and that’s why it worked?
  • Did you ask for help along the way and that’s why it worked?
  • Did you just sit back and wait to hear a little whisper to do this or that and kept yourself alert and aware for anything that may come up in conversation or around you relating to the topic and have an aha moment to do something and then did it, and that’s why it worked?
  • Did you give it your all and put aside any attitudes that were holding you back and just go for it and that’s why it worked?

Once you can see the past clearly without emotion you can free yourself from it. Think about the year that passed and take a deep breath and blow out all the negativity from the year, so you are free from it, and start fresh and/or build on what you have done.

The next step in creating a new year that exceeds our expectations – gratitude

I sat on by a pond on a little slope at the festival with a friend and four tea candles sitting next to us – one for each direction – north, south, east and west -waiting for the 3 minutes of silence and said what we were grateful from the year that was coming to an end.

Gratitude is an important step in goal setting and manifesting for the new year. You need to go into it with an open heart. Sometimes people can set goals out of desperation and find that they may achieve what they want but it comes at cost or with great sadness because when they asked or the thing it was with a heart full of sadness.

Here’s some of the things we were grateful for:

  • I am grateful for all the challenges I have faced this year because they have enabled me to release issues and fears holding me back
  • I am grateful for all my clients that I have been able to help to change their health and their life and I feel privileged that they share all their deepest and darkest thoughts with me.
  • I am grateful for music and it’s ability to take me to all kinds of places
  • I am grateful for the adventures and spontaneous things that happened to give me excitement and spark my curiosity
  • I am grateful for my friends and family and their support, love, guidance, company and laughter.

Once we have reflected on the year and given gratitude to it, it brings us to the next step manifesting and creating the goals and bringing ourselves into alignment with all that we hope for.

What do you want from 2018?

    • Are you bored in your job and want to find your passion, creativity and purpose? – it lies in all of us and is just waiting for you to realise it. Do you want to be challenged by your creativity and push your physical boundaries every single day so you make an impact in whatever you do?
    • Do you want to overcome a health issue – either physical or mental? It’s possible to go from poor or chronic health conditions to being able to run 5kms daily if that’s what you want. I’ve seen it happen over and over again. You simply need to believe it’s possible and you can do it and ask the universe to help guide you to what you need to do in order it make it happen.
    • Do you want of let go of bad habits?
    • Your relationship may be full of anguish and you want a way to release the anguish whether it’s with the person in a fulfilling and loving relationship or letting the relationship go to find a new path
    • Your kids may be speaking to you terribly and not doing anything to help out and you want to turn it around so you and your kids work and grow together and enjoy each other’s company

The second thing the organisers of Woodford music festival did to help each and every person achieve their dreams for the new year- welcome in the new year

We watched the first sunrise for the new year on the top of hill while listening to the divine singing from monks. It was 4.30 in the morning and I’d had about 2 hours sleep and the experience felt like my soul was waking up. The sun cracked through the clouds and there was a loud cheer from the thousands of people and a thick heavy fog covered the land. It was like the year was a mystery and will unfold slowly and be revealed when the time is right. But for now I should just enjoy the beauty I see before me.

While the first sunrise has been and gone – it’s not too late to welcome in your new year and allow the beauty of it to unfold.

Some goals are easy to set and see how we can achieve it and what the plan to get there is and others we may have no idea what we need to do.

Develop a nostalgia for the future. Have something you look forward to. Get excited to what’s ahead in your journey by developing and bringing out all your brightness that only you have. We age, not by years but by events and our emotional reactions to them. If we see things objectively we aren’t so worn down by them and emotional load on us is less.

Stay alert and open to things that come our way. It may be a conversation they triggers a thought or idea or advice from someone. It may be something you see or read. It could come from anywhere. It’s important to stay alert for these things and take action cause you don’t want to miss any opportunities to make your dreams come alive.

Being in a constant state of openness for ideas that spark our imagination to help us achieve our dreams also keeps us curious about the world and keeps our sense of wonder alive, so we live more fulfilling lives. When we are fulfilled we are more creative, healthier and live longer.

  • Michaelangelo did some of his best painting when past 80
  • Goethe wrote Faust when past 80
  • Edison was still inventing past 80
  • Picasso dominated the art world well into his 90.

New good habits to create to help you make progress every day to achieve your goals and dreams for the new year

Success can only be achieved when we reflect. We can see what is really going on. Otherwise it all becomes a blur and we are going through the motions not really knowing if we are going forwards or round in circles until it’s too late. It keeps the forward momentum going.

  • At the end of each day take 15 minutes to sit and reflect on your day and your conversations and activities and think about how they went and what you could do to improve them next time
  • Once a week reflect on what you have learned that week. It helps you to stay focused on the positive rather than the negative and learn the lessons we need to progress quickly.
  • Surrender to what will be and let go of your expectations – you have set your goals now allow them to happen in their own time rather than when we expect them to. They may not happen according to a set plan – we need to allow them room to breath and grow. If we are too set on things happening to a set plan we miss out on the magic and enjoyment of the journey. When we have blinkers on we don’t see what is the best flow of things to create the best outcome or what we need to do in order to achieve this thing. What is right for us may not be the exact thing we think we want, it may be slightly different and if we narrow our focus on we might just miss out on the opportunities that come our way – stay open and surrender your expectations
  • Most of all have fun and enjoy the journey.
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