How Kinesiology works
How Kinesiology works

The human body is actually designed to heal itself. But because the modern world is stressing our body’s systems in ways we were never designed to deal with, it is becoming increasingly challenging to maintain optimal health. Our cells are becoming compromised, toxic and drained of energy—less and less able to function healthily or recuperate.

Modern medicine is like stabbing around in the dark and only finding the symptoms. So in their desperate attempts to heal they address symptoms because they can’t find the root cause.

Kinesiology works by turning on the light so we can see which are the points that lead us to the root cause of the problem.

How Kinesiology resolves issues

Everything is energy in motion and constantly changes by the power of our consciousness that we see and feel in the world around us. Our thoughts create our physical reality.

I believe that stories are how we understand, how we remember and how we learn…our experiences are always consistent with our assumptions. Each moment we actively construct what we think, feel, and experience.

What actually happens in a kinesiology session

The energy on earth right now is shifting and people are becoming more aware about the food they eat, how they treat themselves and others and what’s going on more than ever before. So as part of that awakening you hear about so many new healing modalities being created. One of those is one I have developed myself – Body Flow Energetics. You can learn this really simple yet powerful method in the Body Flow Energetics workshop series. It’s a pretty exciting time to be alive.

Kinesiology is one that began in the 60’s with Dr. George Goodheart DC. He took muscle testing to a whole new level and combined it with the ancient wisdom of chinese medicine and new science by incorporating chiropractic methods. That’s why you’ll find a lot of chiropractors using some kinesiology methods these days.

The fundamentals of kinesiology allows it to be holistic in every sense of the word. Because it uses energy to unlock stress in the body that leads to disease it can take the years of knowledge gained from many varying techniques and utilse them all. For example it uses the acupoints from acupunture, the release of the cranial bones gained from cranial sacral therapy, the meridians from chinese medicine, the inner workings of the brain have also been included in kinesiology from leading neuroscientists such as Dr Charles Krebs. So with this many applications it has made kinesiology a difficult modality to explain or for people to understand. So it’s no surprise that many people are confused about what happens in a kinesiology session.

Breaking down a kinesiology session

Everything is energy in motion and it constantly changes by the power of our consciousness and what we see and feel in the world around us. Our thoughts create our physical reality.

If you’ve experienced traumatic situations such as abuse, accidents, heartbreaks and betrayals these register in our “cellular memory” and create blockages within our energy body obstructing the free flow of energy. Cells have memory and they store remembrances of shock and trauma until such a time a person deals with them and releases them.

Unresolved trauma not only weighs a person down but can develop into depression and physical sickness. The lighter the emotional load you are carrying, the easier it is for your body to regenerate. Kinesiology resolves trauma and transforms your organs, glands, muscles and structure right down to your DNA.

I locate the negative beliefs and the time they were created during stressful moments that you were unable to resolve and instead you pushed it down into a little corner to avoid it rearing it’s ugly head. We all have lots of unresolved emotions cause basically we are pretty crap at dealing with emotions. We don’t get lessons in how to deal with things properly. We’re usually told – just don’t think about it. But by doing that we hold onto them and create a negative beliefs based on fear or anger or something similar.

Like anything that’s not good for us, if we hold onto it over time it begins to incubate an issue, which can be either a mental or physical one. So if you hold that hot object in your hand long enough it will give you blisters or burns which can turn into an infection which can turn into a whole bunch of things. So just let go of the object! That’s where kinesiology comes in. It helps you to let go quickly, gently and easily without the hassle of trawling through painful memories that leave you raw after doing so.

By using muscle testing, acupoints, chakras and other super cool tools; I locate these negative beliefs, unresolved emotions and triggers. Once found, I turn the negative belief around into something positive and create a goal for your body to work towards and then find out what is stopping you from being aligned with this goal and release the energetic imbalance. So you may at times in your life feel a bit inadequate like you’re not good enough. We just turn it around and put in the goal, “I am good enough” and find out when you initially created that belief whether that be in this life or a past life, where it is stored in your body and how it affects your body and then release that energy. So you can have a big energetic release. The release can affect you in so many ways some are that you release heat and heaviness that frees your body, mind and soul up so it can get back to doing what it does best – supporting you.

Here’s where it gets really interesting….

The longer you have a negative belief the more symptoms and negative beliefs it may have created. By digging down like an investigator, we can find a whole chain of negative beliefs that were created and what the original belief was and change them all by finding what is keeping that belief in place. I find the stories you have created. They simply unravel themselves. It’s almost magical to watch it all unfold. You can see people truly resonating with every belief and the full impact on their body, such as exactly where the aches and pains in your structure or organs and glands are sitting in your body.

How the energy is released and changed

For our mind and bodies to work harmoniously and in a receptive and balanced manner all the brain structures, hormones, organs, glands and cells need to work together. A negative belief can create imbalance in the body by changing the vibration in areas of your body.

For example you may have got a virus that created a cough. A negative belief you had at the time made you susceptible to getting this virus and once it enters your body it changes the vibration in your chest and throat which in turn creates a cough. It could be because you aren’t speaking up about something or speaking your truth or having difficult communication with someone. That negativity can change the vibration of the flow. Where there may have once been a vibration of 628mhz, it now may vibrate at 123mhz.

Now the energy is bouncing of each other confused and unsure of what to do rather than flowing in a smooth direction. Because your lungs and bronchial tubes etc may now be working more in isolation than together. This can create disease or issues and allow for virus’ or bacteria to be introduced to the body.

We can see that we need to bring order to the body, and let it know what it needs to do to release the confusion and change the vibration to it’s natural state. We can do this in a number of ways. We can release the negative beliefs and emotions by pin pointing when they were created and how they are affecting you brain and body from integrating and release the negative energetic charge or find the correct vibration mhz to balance it out to restore it to its natural state. Just like your stomach ph levels being too high create acidity, which leads to disease, the same is for a energetic frequency on your body – it too creates imbalance.

Who kinesiology helps

I have worked with a wide variety of clients who suffered from depression, trauma, drug addiction, impotence, chronic anaemia,  severe back and leg pain, chronic heart condition, chronic immune deficiencies, severe allergies and sexual and physical abuse, vertigo, just to name a few. I even once helped someone who had been in a coma for a month to come out of it only 2 hours after the session. The possibilities are endless.

I have also assisted clients to achieve success in reaching their goals like meeting their soul mates, turn a struggling relationship into a strong supportive relationship, attract their dream jobs or change career.

Results from Kinesiology

  • kinesiology by kemina icon
    Enhance your immune system function
  • kinesiology by kemina icon
    Gain direction and purpose
  • kinesiology by kemina icon
    Detoxify the body
  • kinesiology by kemina icon
    Elevate the mood
  • kinesiology by kemina icon
    Posture aligned
  • kinesiology by kemina icon
    Relieve long standing pain
  • kinesiology by kemina icon
    Mental clarity and focus
  • kinesiology by kemina icon
    Increase energy levels
  • kinesiology by kemina icon
    Increased digestion and absorption of  nutrients in foods
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    Freeing yourself from feeling stuck and create the life you want
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Kemina is in Newmarket and mobile. Ph 0400 565 116 or 07 3374 0757