woman sitting on a chair with a coconut beside her
How not to get the Corona virus
woman sitting on a chair with a coconut beside her
How not to get the Corona virus

It’s crazy times!

But keeping a clear head and being present in your body is the best defense against any disease or illness or virus and keeps your immune system strong. We all know that but many people are struggling to be able to actually do that.

When fear decides to show itself people often play beliefs or stories in their heads that intensify the belief.

We also know that what ever we focus on becomes our reality. The more you think about something the more likely it is to become a real issue.

We all get that but the issue is that most people can’t stop themselves from thinking about something.

What is also going on when fear and chaos arises is that we are choosing to not be in our bodies. We see the chaos around us and go that’s too much I don’t want to be there. People think, ‘I might just check out for a bit’. They have one toe dipped into life and the rest of their energy is elsewhere.

Pulling yourself out of your head and your repetitive thoughts so you can be present and face things as they are

  1. Acknowledge the fear, belief or thought that you are playing over and over and thank it for bringing the issue to your awareness. When you acknowledge it, you face it, rather than rejecting it or turning it into something bigger.

For example, with the world shutting down temporarily you may be worried your business will shut down. This could be a real possibility.

Face the truth. Ask yourself if your business is one of them that will close down and wait patiently for a response. It’s the first thing that comes to your mind but it could take a little while to hear the response – when this happens, simply wait, nothing else.

If you get a yes then you don’t need to worry about it. You know what will happen. This is a blessing cause there will be no surprise that your business will close down. You can go about making plans around that.

When you face the truth and deal with it. This will minimise the impact and emotional trauma of the event and you no longer have to waste energy about wondering if it will happen.

If you get the answer that your business isn’t one of them shutting down rejoice and get creative to find ways to adjust it to the necessary climate, if need be only. Ask your guides if there is anything you need to do. Ask for answers before you sleep and see if you get an answer when you wake up in the morning.

  1. Write down what the repetitive thoughts are that you play over and over. It generally means that there is something you need to do about it. What is it you need to do?
  2. Touch your body – if you are stuck in your head you aren’t connecting your head and heart. Simply touch your arms etc to bring you back into your body
  3. Relax or touch the inside of your eyes. This will relax your amygdala in your brain that deals with survival stress.
  4. Putting saliva in your mouth is also a good way to trick the amygdala into thinking there is no danger and pulls you out of survival stress and relaxes your nervous system.

Physical ways to keep healthy and strengthen your immune system

Being calm and centred is a great way to keep the nasties away. What you put into your body makes a massive difference.

  1. Doctors and Naturopaths recommend vitamin c powder, magnesium and zinc to combat a flu and strengthen your immune system. It works a treat when you combine it with fresh, organic fruit and vegetables.
  2. Nothing kills germs, bacteria or virus quite like the sun. The sun and fresh air was what doctors ended up relying on to kill the Spanish flu when it hit the world in 1918. They took patients outside into the sun and let them breath the air. Oxygen is great for getting the immune system flowing
  3. Massage your lymph nodes every morning in the shower. They are in your arm pits, groin, neck and jaw, elbow creases and the back of knees. This will increase the flow of lymphatic fluid and your immune system.
  4. Do head/heart coherence breathing first thing in the morning when you wake up to strengthen your lungs and clear out grief. The exercise – When you breath in move the energy to your heart and when you breath out move the energy up to your head etc. This way you start the day connecting with your body and heart to keep you grounded and present.
  5. Dancing, singing and laughing are the best medicine – do lots of this – even badly. Let out your crappy singing voice – set it free.

A few things you may not be aware of…

  1. Many people’s fears around death and other people dying are being triggered right now. This may also be triggering other lifetimes where the person or their ancestral line may have been involved in a pandemic like the bubonic plague or the Spanish flu.

The best way to face this is to address these past life or ancestral issues is to ask yourself if you are triggering other lifetimes. Allow the truth to come through and take a few deep breaths to release the trauma sitting within you. Send all the layers of stress to source and sit for a moment as you allow this to happen.

  1. Two days before the virus’ first cases were reported 5G was ramped up in China. It’s interesting timing. So it’s best to protect your Thymus which is part of the immune system and also protects us against the harmful affects of 5G. Tesla plates work amazingly to harmonise your body with wifi and electricity.
  2. Look for the beauty in what is happening right now. Notice how it is changing the world – shifting people’s thoughts. Everyone is being sent to their houses to heal. During this time people are connecting with their families and learning to be still and do things they may have always wanted to but aren’t. Sit back and watch what is happening and watch the magic of it all unfolding.

Energetic ways to keep healthy and strengthen your immune system

See an energetic practitioner to:

  1. Strengthen your immune system and clear out any stale or slow energy.
  2. Repair any tears or damage in your chakras, meridians or aura to get you aligned and your energetic systems flowing optimally, which in turn affects the flow of our physical systems.
  3. Clear out the lungs – the lungs store grief in them – address your trauma’s to clear out your lungs.
  4. Address any fears you may have that is keeping you focussed on the virus and the news.

Most importantly be true to yourself, honour your truth and what’s best for you, not what something else thinks is best for you. Stay connected to yourself and don’t forget to laugh.


Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels
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