fish jumping
Is this the key to maintaining constant motivation to move forward and reach your full potential?
fish jumping
Is this the key to maintaining constant motivation to move forward and reach your full potential?

All through my life I have gone through phases where I’m super motivated and get so much done which are followed by phases where I’m lazy as. I know what I need to do and I do a little bit of it cause I know it’s purpose and couldn’t bare it if I did nothing at all. Basically I do enough to get by. Then I beat myself up a little for not get my shit together. So I don’t really enjoy those moments of relaxation as much as I should. So it seems a bit of a waste.

What I have been striving for is more balance in my life rather than the roller coaster of  ups and downs. Sure a roller coaster is fine but it gets boring after a while. What I really want to maintain constant motivation, so my life, focus and energy is more balanced.

Right now I’m in one of those lazy times reflecting on life. I’m in this truly wonderful place where everything is cruising along fine. It’s pretty stable, I have no fires to put out, no dramas and no annoying people to sort out. I’ve been craving this moment my whole life. There always seemed to have been something that was distracting me from reaching my full potential.

I always wondered what I could achieve if only I had the time to relax and not be distracted by crap. All the silly little hassles in life have been holding me back. I knew it and aimed to release them all so I can get on discovering what I’m really capable of. Albert Einstein once said that we only use 10% of our brains. So here I am, I made it. Time to enjoy and get on with it and see what’s in the the other 90% of my brain.

You think I would be super excited and wanting to get stuck into it since this is what I’ve been wanting my whole life but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I could try to put it down to maybe it’s time to relax after all the drama to recover but if I’m honest I have done a fair bit of that and yet I’m still in lazy mode. We all say, “what would I do if I really had time”. I’m finding it’s nothing. Don’t get me wrong I am in a very peaceful place just being still and amongst nature and loving it but there’s that little voice in my head saying come on, it’s time to get on with it.

I’m realising that it’s not really laziness (while that’s a bit of it) it’s more that it’s all new. I’m not used to not have some drama or issue to deal with. It was actually a habit that kept me busy. So right now there is nothing to do but focus on digging deeper and discovering and writing that book etc etc.

The one minute rule

The Japanese are so amazing at getting things done. However, here in the western world we have truly mastered the art of starting something and quitting it really quickly. I think we have much we can learn from the Japanese. They have this 1 minute rule when starting something new. How it works is… one minute every day do that thing you are wanting to do or that project or whatever it is. Do it for one minute at the same time everyday. To slowly bring yourself into it. Rather than jumping right in and overwhelming yourself. Basically you are making a big change to your life and you need to ease your way in, to start an appreciation and enjoyment of it. Increase the amount of time as you and before you know it you will have created a new habit or be doing whatever it is you want to do and enjoying it. It’s a great way to create a long lasting habit.

The art of reflection

Another thing holding me back was that I really did get lazy. I stopped reflecting. I usually reflect daily on my life and the world and see where it takes me. It’s helps me to overcome issues rather than dwell in them and go round in circles in my head or life.

So I started this back up again and voila, I’m back being motivated again and getting into it and keeping that balance. It really is that easy. If I take a little bit of time every single day to get my head clear and dig a little bit deeper it makes me motivated in every area of my life.

This sounds a lot more achievable than all those motivational quotes you hear about setting a goal and sticking to it (that just puts fear of failure into me) and not being able to move forward until you finish the last chapter. I’m not sure I completely agree. I think we are always releasing issues and learning, so if you are constantly waiting to have them all released and learn all that you need to before you start you will never start or will stop yourself from moving forward.

We move forward every time we release an issue or realise something new. If we just reflect everyday and dig a little deeper into what is going on in our lives and issues. Really asking yourself the big and sometimes hard questions about why something keeps happening or why you have an issue you will soon be free from it or why something works the way it does and you will be learning something new everyday. It makes it all less daunting. It’ makes life more exciting because you are in a constant state of curiosity. It a rally easy thing to do everyday so it makes and an easy challenge to achieve.

We all know that our thoughts create our world. So of course keeping your thoughts moving forward this will keep your motivation constant and your life flowing in a more balanced way.

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