kangaroo on couch wishing he had kinesiology by kemina
Tears of confusion from an Australian during our fire storms
kangaroo on couch wishing he had kinesiology by kemina
Tears of confusion from an Australian during our fire storms

As I sit staring into the crispy bush not from the fires but from the lack of rain, I feel the sadness, anxiety, grief and anger that radiates throughout the country at the moment from our fire storms.

There is so much going on but yet so little all at the same time. What is happening is devastating beyond belief. Yet while our beautiful country is burning still, all I seem to hear is blame. It’s being tossed around like a football in a playground. When blame settles in it pushes aside our intuition and we all know intuition guides us and keeps us safe. So, if blame is ruling what is going on instead you may ask? It’s love and intuition’s arch enemy – fear.

Our fear is now ruling this once great land. It’s ruling our common sense and humanity. I’ll give you all a tiny glimpse of some of the bad decisions going on:

  1. Our Prime Minister went on holidays to drink pina colada’s in Hawaii in the middle of the biggest onslaught of fires – he ran away
  2. Our precious water that we don’t have enough of to fight the fires is being sold off to other countries
  3. Our leaders have been given advice for years in how to manage the fires as shown in the media but they didn’t act on the advice
  4. The people who are suffering the most are getting almost nothing and being forced to shake the Prime Minister’s hand – for real, they didn’t want to shake his hand but he grabbed their hand and made him shake it – weird
  5. The charities that are being given money to support the fires are only using about a third of it on the fires and are saving the rest for some other time.


And the list goes on…

This brings tears to my eyes.

I want to now ask a little something of you all. I want you all to stop take a deep breath and don’t let the fires fill your heart. Let it cleanse you, let it cleanse all of us. Let us see a new way of doing things. Let us all take a deep look at our habits and beliefs and try something new because mother nature is showing us that what we are doing needs to change. Can’t you see that?

We all know that when something is taken away from us, (and we have had too much taken from us recently) we are being shown that what is taken away isn’t good for us, are’t we? Haven’t we all learned this lesson at some stage in our lives? Can we now reflect on this and learn our lessons? I feel like it’s time for change, to learn our lessons and find wonderful new and inspiring ways of doing things rather than repeating old behaviours. When I say we, I mean every single one us Australians and members of this planet – we are all in this together.

I’d like to point out a very possible hard truth to swallow. If we can get these horrific bush fires once, of course they can happen next year and the year after and the year after that, until we learn to do things a different way.

In knowing the possible future, it can do one of two things for us;

  1. It can send out crazy with fear creating all sorts of blame, anger and irrational behaviour
  2. It can give us some comfort in knowing what we now have to do – push aside our fear and get cracking solving the problem

I’m all for the second option. With that in mind I would like to provide a few suggestions and topics to reflect on to find solutions.

Our old methods of fire management clearly aren’t working. Our first nations people are experts in fire management. It would be amazing if we could bring them to the table to light the new path to fire management instead of setting it ablaze like we have done this fire season.

Another area of concern is our farms have been burned. We have to wonder where the food will come from now. In light of the idea that mother nature is cleansing our land, it would be silly not to look at what she is showing us. Let us ponder on the thought that she might be showing us that we need to find a new way of farming that is more sustainable. There are many amazing inventive solutions to make farming much more efficient and sustainable. They might surprise us.

I’m just going to say this next topic plainly and bluntly cause it seems there is no other way to put it. Let’s stop raping the earth with coal mines and be kind to our earth that supports and feeds us and giving us nutrition and life. Let’s cleanse these old thoughts where we thought that was a good idea.

When I step back from the horror of the fire storms, I also see magic. I see wombats giving shelter to snakes, birds and all kinds of animals in their burrows to protect them all from the fires. They are coming together. I see people all over the world sending money, prayers and love to the people suffering and for a rapid release from the horror through the relief of our precious commodity of rain.  I see new life coming from burned trees that haven’t had rain. I see people creating shelters and dropping food from planes for our beautiful animals. I see unity amongst chaos.

Let unity instead of greed and stubbornness be our lesson that comes from these fire storms and keep it spreading throughout all areas of our community, government, schools and organisations. Let’s do this now so the fires don’t continue for years to come until we do finally decide to learn the lesson.

As a community called Australia, let’s let compassion and unity lead us instead of money. Let’s rebuild with kindness in our hearts.

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