new year style
Bring in the new year with style, so you can set yourself up for a kick ass new year
new year style
Bring in the new year with style, so you can set yourself up for a kick ass new year

Coming into a new year stirs up all kinds of emotions. Many emotions that we’ve pushed to the side throughout the year hoping they would just magically go away. But we all know that if we don’t address something it just gets bigger and bigger.

You may choose to ignore a friend that you want to detach from cause it has become toxic but if you don’t address it it will still linger within you. Stalking you until you acknowledge it and address its concerns within you and then the magic that you requested arrives and poof it’s gone! The uncomfortable feeligns and possibly anxiety are released and you no longer feel them when you think of that persona dn thoughts of them disappear.

The new year also stirs up hope and excitement for possibilities and new adventrures planned or awaiting to be planned.

Or it’s dread with a touch of hope. You may desperately be hoping the new year is better, cause you can’t take another one like the one you’ve had.

Here’s a different kind of gift I suggest you try to see how the repercussions of it affect your coming year.

When we hear of someone we love being struck down with a life threatening illness we feel the urge to tell them how much they have meant to us and how amazing they are and how grateful they have been part of our lives. What if instead we didn’t wait. What if we recognised every moment that was magical and let people know about it. So I propose that you end this year and start the new one with that intention – graceous compassion and connectedness.

Start with a list of every single person in your life. It may be short or long. Don’t judge it just accept it as it is. If it is short the magic of approaching life in this way of graceous compassiona nd connectedness could change that and next year it could be longer. Allow yourself to believe in magic for a moment – it’s very tantilising.

Now you have your list, connect with every person on that list energetically and allow all the moments you’ve had with them wash over you. Just feel how you and your life has been affected by this person. Write what you are grateful for. There may have been downs and if so, were they resolved? How would you resolve them now? Put it down in words the good the bad and the ugly and the way to resolve what is tense and uncomfortable. A simple acknowledgment of the awkward situation you are both can loosen its tight grip and allow it to breath, so it can turn into something else. The trick here is to let go of expectations of what you want to turn it into and when you expect it all to happen by but to just ride the wave an see where it goes. Watch it change bit by bit.

But let’s not dwell on the bad stuff. There’s always good in there, even in a toxic relationship. But if you have one of those it’s time to acknowledge it and let it turn into what is most beneficial for you.

Again let your thought steer from the negative back to the magic. Feel all the magic that has happened this year. And those who may have even indirectly affected an outcome that was amazing or really benefical for you. Let that person know they helped you and how grateful you are.

We are so busy we don’t take time to recognise the brilliance in others and thank people and tell them how grateful we are or say a simple sorry, where necessary. This little thing called pride and ego tends to jump in the way, even with the best intentions. For the sake of this exercise of simply writing all this down let’s push away pride and ego and set it free so you can see things as they really are. How freeing is that!

When you have completed the list for everyone add your name to the bottom or top. Then allow yourself to feel into the energy of the year and all that transpired. Do any moments jump out. Do you find yourself laughing at treasured little moments and silly things you’ve done. Write down what you are grateful for about yourself and how you can take steps to reconcile and tension within yourself. Thank yourself for all the gifts you gave yourself this year.

Before we take the plunge to share our thoughts with our dear friends, family and colleagues let’s look why we are doing this exercise – connectedness, connectedness, connectedness. If it wasn’t for other people life would be so much easier, but would it? It would be lonely and what about all the support and advice and solutions other people give us that sometimes we take for granted and don’t notice it in our busy lives. It would be empty. When we truly feel connected to people and our lives we feel rich and can even feel drunk with love and bliss. What greater gift can we give to ourselves and others than connectedness. All it takes to feel connectedness is to recognise our own beauty and that of others. It’s really quite simple.

So with that intention let’s start the new year. Take your list and share your thoughts and feelings with all the amazing people in your life and let them know how they have touched you this year. Write it in a card, tell them face to face, record a message and sent it, create a vlog, a poem or a website to tell the world or post it on facebook. Let your creativity go wild until you find the best approach for each person.

When you let them know how they have touched you be present and allow yourself to really feel what it feels like to share the words and feelings. Recognise the beauty in the moment. Saying difficult things can also be beautiful because we are speaking our truth – what is more magical than that. We are letting the truth out to play. Be sure to honour and respect their words or response in return with no expectations. Remember sometimes people need time to fully absorb things, so they may not have anything to say in response for a while.

So you have ended the year with magic and beauty and set the intention for the coming year to be filled with the same. Now, go forth and be brave and speak your truth and don’t hold back and watch the magic flow.

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Kemina is in Newmarket and does Home Visits. Ph 0400 565 116
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