guy worried
Suffering is optional
guy worried
Suffering is optional

I’ve got a little question for you. What if all the worry, fear, guilt and emotional pain you’ve experienced in your life was not something you had to go through, yet was a “gift” that was optional? There are many things that we assume are true in life, only later we realise they weren’t that way at all. I find one of the things people unconsciously do that create extra suffering is resist opening up to the possibility that worry, fear and emotional agony is not required.

One of the most unconscious beliefs I feel people have is they have forgotten their power to simply stop choosing the path they are on, and decide to have a different experience. Enlightenment is simply a shift in perspective on reality that creates a completely new experience of life. Once you realise how easy it is to climb out of the past traumatic trench you’ve been in, you’ll empower yourself with a new type of thinking that liberates you instantly from that old “comfortable” suffering that may be used to living in.

The first place to start is understanding what causes suffering in the first place? All suffering is caused by either an attachment to a positive outcome, or avoidance of a negative outcome. If you simply flow with the constant river of life’s experiences, you will not cling to the bank nor try to swim upstream. Life will simply carry you from one moment to the next. If you learn how to let go, embrace and allow for each passing experience to occur, things will soon swing back the other way again.

Now you may be thinking that there are many types of suffering that human beings have no control over, that it’s not their fault and physically impossible for them not to be in a state of suffering. This is simply not true. When the truth is seen, felt and known it is crystal clear that every perpetual experience of suffering is self imposed. Now if someone steps on your toes, you will have a few moments of pain and agony, yet this too shall pass.

If you’ve contracted a major illness that causes you physical daily pain, this suffering is also self imposed because 21st century science now knows that all “dis-ease” is rooted in some psychosomatic pattern. This means that their is some painful memory, negative emotion, or uncomfortable feeling that the person has not fully embraced, healed and released internally. There are tens of thousands of documented cases around the world where people have healed themselves of every disease out there. With a little research you will come to understand that we have to heal ourselves with our minds.

Most of the suffering that people experience on a daily basis is more emotional and mental anguish about perceived problems that exist. There’s not enough money to pay the bills so that creates a tension in the body, and a continuous anxiety in the mind. After years of holding this type of tension, the body may need to manifest it as a “dis-ease” in order to release it. Whatever you resist, persists. If that person simply accepted and embraced the feeling of never having enough money, they would relax, the creative juices would begin to flow, and they’d soon discover a new inspiring way to generate a higher income.

All the problems that you think are real, are not. They are mere fabrications in your mind. The mind becomes attached to or in avoidance of a certain experience, and instantly the body retracts with sensations of pain. When you can remain balanced, in the middle between attachment and avoidance, you won’t get trapped on one side or the other. You can ride the edge of life, on the “third side” of the coin. This is where you can take the spiritual path which simply embraces each experience as the “right” experience in each new moment. When you can stay in a state of constant equanimity with life, the most enlightening experiences pour directly into you.

It’s good to know that on a soul level, there are no victims here. We are each playing a karmic game of “catch and release” with the law of attraction. Meaning, whatever experience you catch and cannot release, it will soon expand and eventually manifest into your life. If you keep attracting the same challenging experiences and types of relationships to you, there must be some behaviour pattern deep in your past that you haven’t fully released and found peace with. With just a little introspection into yourself, preferably out in nature, the Universe can help you unravel yourself and uncover what your old pattern is so as to free yourself from this great misunderstanding.

Why would your soul choose to take on a body and go through this crazy set of challenges here on Earth? If you didn’t have any challenges, how would you know what freedom was like. Without knowing struggle and strife, you simply couldn’t know what bliss, joy or ecstasy was like. Yet the suffering most people remain in are because they don’t want to look inside and see why they are choosing this experience. They believe they are a powerless angry victim in life and were just dealt a bad deck of cards. This is simply not true. The suffering you incur is simply an opportunity to explore the valley, so that when you rise to the peak you become conscious of life’s perpetual pendulum before it swings back into the valley again. By fully embracing the agony of loss in your life, one day you will swing into the opposite experience of great joy and liberation.

The soul is an open door that truly is open to have any experience on Earth. It is the mind that determines which experiences it must cling to or resist. The mind is like a pendulum that constantly swings back and forth. It does this so that you can find the middle ground. It wants you to equalise, take all your past pain and use it to propel you into creating some future state of bliss. No action, belief or thought that you become attached to in life has zero consequences. Each movement of the pendulum causes another swing in a new direction. When you become aware enough, and truly conscious of each rising thought and feeling inside you, then you will be from from the karmic pattern and begin living as a spiritually awakened conscious being.

So what can you do to relieve yourself of suffering today? Perhaps you are in perpetual pain in the physical body from a trauma, or living day to day with mental and emotional anguish over money, relationships, job, health or your future. You can rationalise and intellectualise your predicament until you’re blue in the face, yet this will only create more struggle in emotional resistance. It’s good to know that while some suffering is easier to transcend than others, they all have one thing in common. They are based in an assumption that there is a separate thing called “me” or “I” who is attached to and over-identifying with some thought.

When you can detach from the “me” so that it has nothing to do with the mind or body, and see that it too is also just another thought you’ve created, you can unhook yourself from anything. The idea that this thought of “me” is permanent and absolutely real, is another assumption. What if there really was no separate “me”, and you did not get identified with anything and simply merged with each passing experience? Who would there be to suffer? When the identification ceases with this idea of “me”, suffering instantly dissipates, and true freedom is known again.

There is nothing more powerful to practice than the awareness of who you truly are. This in itself will allow you to transcend any personal experience of suffering. The state of transcendence can be found by focusing on that which is beyond all thought. It is found in the silence between your thoughts, in the pause between your breathes. You are here to discover the divine infinite soul that you are, and know yourself as an unlimited spiritual being, which will free you from any state of suffering instantly. Knowing you are an eternal, formless spirit at the core, a very peaceful, expansive state is found. You can then easily step back from your thoughts and see them for what they truly are. They are simply thoughts. The day you do this, you’ve taken the first giant leap into claiming total freedom and enlightenment in this lifetime.

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