The Lemurian Codes


The planet is evolving rapidly and we are now able to access 26 Lemurian codes that will open us up to a more advanced energetic system. The codes are provided in this product to upgrade your energetic system. I’d like to share them with you.



Are you aware of the ancient civilisation Lemuria, similar to Atlantis?

The earth has been around for many different civilisations that date back beyond the Mayans and Egyptians.

It was during this time in Lemuria, which was pre-Atlantis, that our energetic systems changed and put us into a cycle of suffering and feeling like a victim or slave to things and the world, rather than what we really are, beings of creation.

We actually have the capability to create anything we want with a thought.

Flash forward to current times – the world has gone through so much change and is evolving rapidly.

This evolution of the planet is opening us up to being able to access our old, more advanced energetic system that we had originated with in Lemuria.

We are now able to access 26 Lemurian codes. Interestingly, 2 more opened up to us on December 21st 2020 and 7 in 2020. Access to them began in 2012. Having 7 open up to us in one year shows us how much we are progressing right now.

When we allow ourselves to open up to the upgrades available, we allow ourselves to be more in flow with life so we can navigate it with ease and grace and don’t get caught up in the drama and mundane.

I’m am a channel for codes and frequencies and am able to offer you the upgrade to your energetic system to the include the Lemurian codes.

After you purchase the Lemurian codes uprade, you will receive a video with the Lemurian codes upgrade to download and upgrade your energetic system.

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