girl sunbaking
Healthy and sustainable products and services I use and recommend
girl sunbaking
Healthy and sustainable products and services I use and recommend

I love my myself and my body and like to take good care of myself because of this. Cause to be healthy it means your body, mind and soul all have to nourished.

Due to this, over the years I have discovered all kinds of products and ingredients and what works and what’s good for me and will bring out my best.

I’d like to share my preferences…


  • Cerule herbal vitamins for stem cells, blood and capillary health and inflammation. These products are literally life changing. As we all know, every part of our body comes from stem cells. From the age of 20 our stem cells reduce by 5% every year so it’s no wonder older people’s health declines. They don’t have the stem cells to help the cells through the reproduction process. In case you didn’t know all disease and illness comes from toxins and inflammation, which starts in the stomach. If our pH levels are alkaline at 7.0 disease can’t live in our body. These products help create the balance. Contact me to order Cerule products – 0400 565 116 or
  • Organic Lip Balm – A gorgeous lip balm that has the perfect balance – not too oily, lasting and is super moisturising to get rid of the worst dehydrated lips and as a bonus is a Brisbane based company, so we can support the locals
  • Home Fresh Organics – I love the idea of home delivery shopping. I’m all about making life easier, so this fits in well with this and the products are delicious and a decent price. This mean that you don’t have to be overcharged for organic produce anymore. I know I’m over paying for that.
  • Eco budThe water filtration system has six levels of filtration. It neutralises the pH levels, and removes bacteria, fluoride an chlorine and that look sexy and are a really good price.
  • The Angel of Detox – One of the most important steps in getting healthy is detox the system from the toxins keeping you in ill-health. Colonics is an easy and quick way to detox. You walk away feeling so much lighter. You will feel like you’re in good hands here and with a little more knowledge about the detox process.
  • Making your own home and body products – use natural products mixed with essential oils. It removed toxic chemicals from your house and is much cheaper.
  • Living Young Essential Oils – Did you know that the famous doTerra products blends actually come from Living Young. It’s true the guys who own doTerra worked at Living Young and stole the blends. However, Living Young still stay pure by creating the best quality farms in the best locations in the world to create the best product. The energy of the Living Young products and much stronger. I find them the best essential oils going. Contact me if you’re wanting to purchase some Young Living essential oils
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Kemina is in Newmarket and does Home Visits. Ph 0400 565 116
Kemina is in Newmarket and does Home Visits. Ph 0400 565 116
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