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Shake of sadness - 3 unconventional ways
  • Tip number 1 for sadness – stand on your head for 1 minute everyday for a 6 months. Once you do this see if you can swivel on your head in a circle.
  • Tip number 2 for sadness – write a letter to everyone you’ve wronged in some way (even if you forgot the name of their dog) and beg for their forgiveness
  • Tip number 3 for sadness – Get a plastic bag and blow it up till it is full and pop it over the head of someone sleeping and run away really quickly

Obviously these tips aren’t a way to shake off sadness permanently (they might give you a little giggle though). I was just trying to show my point – don’t take it all seriously and do take your focus off your problems. Although, If any of you do try the stand on your head and swivel in a circle tip please take a video and send it to me, I would love to see it.

When you are all bogged down in your miserable debilitating situation and dwelling in your sadness, the first thing you need to do is stop thinking about it. Let’s take a step out of it for just a moment.

A tip when you are in the midst of stress town

Take some slow breaths and focus on the out breath. Think only about the things that are good in your life and if you truly can’t find any go outside and see what beauty there is out there. No, this exercise isn’t going to change the situation but it will change your perspective. So for this brief moment the sadness isn’t so bad, is it? – how does this relate to kinesiology & doctors not having the answer for their health issues.

So, if you can do that for a brief moment why wouldn’t it be possible to do it every moment of everyday. All you need to do it change your perspective. Find the things that are blocking you from attaining that perspective on a daily basis and free yourself from them. 

Let’s try looking at your situation from another angle..

Do you repeatedly attract similar negative situations in your life and I freely accept them as they seem to confirm what you inherently believed?

Do you just brush them off as fate or bad luck. Do your troublesome scenarios almost feel natural as they mirror your inner beliefs and are in some way trying to protect you.

If so, then maybe it time to address your inner beliefs to create a more positive and nourishing life.

A simpler alternative to overcoming sadness

Luckily there’s a simpler and less painful alternative to laying on a psychologist’s couch and trawling through all your painful memories or using antidepressants.

Let’s look a little closer at the billion dollar antidepressant industry. What they do is suppress all feelings, the positive as well as the negative. Antidepressants also, have been known to have serious and potentially fatal adverse effects, cause potentially permanent brain damage, increase the risk of suicide and violent behaviour in both children and adults, and increase the frequency and chronicity of depression. Chronic use of antidepressants also promotes dependency on drugs rather than empowering people to make positive life changes. So when they are no longer taking them and their feelings are no longer blocked by the drug it can be very overwhelming for the antidepressant user.

A kinesiologist can quite quickly and easily find and dissolve core emotions and beliefs that are blocking you with some gentle techniques so you can restore your natural balance. Not only will it save you the grief of the painful delving into past issues but it can save you bucket loads of money in psychologist bills and medication.

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