struggling animation
Are you one of the many people struggling right now?
struggling animation
Are you one of the people struggling right now?

There are so many people struggling right now. It seems like people are suffering more than ever. I’m hearing that many people have had enough and just can’t take anymore and are wondering if it will ever end.

Will the difficulties end?

We all know that moments always pass and fresh new ideas and solutions and moments always come. Sometimes we forget this when we are in the middle of difficulties.

It’s been a tough year. And many will say it only seems to be getting worse. The energy in the air is putting so much pressure on us all that we are becoming like a balloon that is about to pop. There have been lots of geo-magnetic pulses hitting the earth throughout August that are creating an intensity that is making people aggressive, confused and question their lives.

How do you survive the intense energy?

When we are faced with big challenges that may even make us question every decision we have made in our lives the best way to navigate these times to make sure we are grounded and be conscious of how we are really feeling and what is going on in our lives an around us. Maybe stop fro a minute and take a look around.  Try thinking about how can you change a situation to make it better to suited to you while causing the least amount of grief to others. Do you know what changes you need to make to bring peace into your world?

Have you thought about…

  • Getting out in nature
  • Going for a walk on the beach
  • Staying grounded – what does that mean to you?
  • Writing down all the things aggrevating you so you don’t keep circulating the thoughts – get them out of you!
  • Meditating

Just remember – the difficulties will end but you have to keep pushing through. If you resist you will get sick. I’m sure we all know quite a few people sick right now. It’s also good to be aware that the lessons you are learning may be very tough ones. So you only want to learn them once. Soak up the lessons, you will thank yourself for it.

Be patient, a solution will arise.

Five tips to navigate intense situations 

  1. Retain your personal power – Take a good look at your life and make sure you are retaining your personal power and acting from an egoless state. All truthful acts should harm none, benefit all and come directly from a place of love and unity. Be sure to make sure you are not being taken advantage of.
  2. Open your heart then speak – Tread lightly and gently in all matters. Make sure you are coming from a place of truthful expression, so the air of wisdom and logic can blend with emotion. Determine the difference between action and reaction – look within so you can determine which one you are doing. Remember the world is ready to hear what you have to say when you say it from an honest heart felt place.
  3. Be kind to yourself – We all make mistakes. Sometimes they are even big ones. No one is perfect cause we are all here to learn, so in the spirit of learning we don’t know everything. All we can do is forgive ourselves, learn our lessons and move on. Anything else only hurts us and is pointless. So most importantly, be gentle with yourself.
  4. Break out and do something different – Free yourself from the rut and pressure of life and do something different. Go abseiling, kayaking, take a latin dance class, join a choir……but most importantly – laugh and have fun.
  5. Tell people you love, that you love them – We don’t do this often enough.
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Kemina is in Newmarket and does Home Visits. Ph 0400 565 116
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