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When suffering pops up and overstays its welcome

 You’re suffering and have hit rock bottom a number of times and it’s all too familiar. You haven’t given up though, you keep on fighting trying to find a solution. Cause deep down you know there is more than this and you are better than this.

You’ve tried taking the quick fix pills the doctors give but they only momentarily fix the symptoms and suffering cause they aren’t getting to the real problem – whatever it is.

Is there an alternative, something that can break the suffering and downward spiral?

Let’s look at the science behind suffering…

What our body strives for is what doctors call homeostasis – it’s when the body has some kind of interference that is outside of the usual flow for example a really hot day. Your body sweats to cool the skin down and so it adjusts naturally to accommodate the stress – this is called stage 1 stress.

If the stress is prolonged (it could be emotional) or traumatic and goes unresolved it moves into stage 2 stress – this is where the body compensates for the stress it adjusts to allow for the stress by  creating stress in other parts of the body to accommodate the imbalance. Most people don’t notice it because they have become used to it.

The body can only compensate so much until the issues start to become more serious. You move into stage 3 stress. It’s when your body starts to die off or shut down. This is when chronic diseases become apparent.

This is all due to that initial unresolved stress. What if we could resolve that initial stress that is keeping you stuck in a suffering state? Kinesiology uses the gentle art of muscle testing to look beyond symptoms and locates the core long standing issues that are blocking the smooth flow of energy that is stopping you from healing and restores balance in the body.

Surprised that you have a whole bunch of stuff to deal with. Probably not. You also probably have no idea exactly what it is because you’ve shoved it to the back of your mind to avoid or suppress it. But look what it is doing to you and your body. Yes there is a better way. Let it all come to to the surface and feel it. Let it fill your body, accept it for what it is rather than resisting it and let it float away because it is no longer of service to you.

Exercise that will help gather up resolved emotions and release them

We have 7 chakra points on our body and when there is a blockage it makes it really tricky for messages to get through and they can sometimes be distorted or confused.

Sit in a relaxed position and let any past, present or future concerns float away. Simply be in the present. Right here all I want you to do is feel. No thinking is required for this exercise. Lighty touch the top of your head where the crown chakra is and see if you feel anything while you touch it. Any stress or pain or heaviness. Whatever you feel can you feel anything there. If you can sit with it for a bit. How does it make you feel. What emotions come up for you. Is it sadness or anger or frustration. Whatever the emotion is really feel it in its entirety. Do you know where it comes from. Does a moment in your life suddenly come into your thoughts. What happened at that time. Feel the situation. Or it may make you think of a person. Was that person feeling that emotion and you picked it up somehow? What was the circumstance? Really feel everything that was going on. Think about how you may be feeling that emotion in your life right now. How you have replayed that emotion over and over in your life. Can you see how that emotion is no longer relevant and you can just let it go. Let it simply float away. Let that moment in time float away. You don’t need to hold onto it. You can simply let it all go.

Now do the same with all the chakra. It’s likely you will feel something with one or two chakra’s or you may feel something with all of them.

  • Crown chakra – top of head
  • Brow chakra – on forehead in between eyes
  • Throat chakra – throat on the oesophagus
  • Heart chakra – just a touch below your chest
  • Solar plexus chakra – just above your belly button
  • Sacral chakra – just above your pubic bone
  • Root chakra – genitals on the front of the body

Another way to release blocks – Kinesiology

Kinesiology can also help with this. It locates the blockages in chakras or specific points in your body such as an organ or back pain and releases the stress enabling you to freely and released from the past.

Kinesiology is often credited with identifying difficult and long-standing health problems undiagnosed by other methods.

Kinesiology can help identify the root cause of issues and suffering that other practitioners or doctors may not have been identify and resolve them.

The most effective first step is to start with 3 sessions so we can identify all the areas surrounding the issues. Some people have only required one session to resolve their issue/s others 3 or maybe 6. The best approach is to start with three to identify what is going one and then create a plan to resolve the issue/s from there.


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