hulk transformation
Do you attempt to make big transformations in your life but end up quitting?
hulk transformation
Do you attempt to make big transformations in your life but end up quitting?

There are moments in our lives where we say right I’ve had enough of things going wrong or this pain or feeling like I’m going round in circles and getting nowhere.

So we decide to make a change.

This is a great thing right?

Then we are really excited and tell everyone that we are doing some big diet or exercise program and all this amazing stuff is going to happen.

So we start and everyday for the first week we are really committed and go really hard. Then the excitement wears off a bit and we start to slack off. Then we don’t do it the next day and once we stop one day that gives us permission to not do it other days then before we know it our transformation has come to a halt.

This failure to keep it going makes it take longer to the point to decide to make a big change another time. So we get stuck in the cycle.

It’s like those all in relationships. You know the ones where you meet the person and there’s chemistry and you get caught up in the wave of the energy, so you see each other a lot really quickly. Before you know it you have moved in together. All this before you ever really got to know the person and what they are about. You found a couple of things you clicked really well on and that was enough in your mind. So you’ve now moved in and start to see what the other person is all about. And it all starts to go wrong just as quick as it started. So now you want out. You didn’t take it slow enough to create a strong foundation to make it last.

Aside from the honeymoon period coming and going really quickly, there’s a really big missing ingredient in this pattern. FUN!

It’s all so serious. This big change and all the work you put in. It’s like a job. There’s no pleasure in the new activity.

The Japanese have a method when starting a new project. It’s the one minute method. How it works is… you do your new activity for one minute everyday at the same time. You start slowly. Build up the enjoyment.

This takes the edge off all the pressure and feeling overwhelmed by how much work has to be done to achieve the results you want. If you go all in you are only focused on the results that you forget to enjoy the journey.

By taking it really slowly you get to enjoy the journey and stick to the new activity or program so it’s much easier to see it through to the end result or better.

It takes effort and focus to transform your life. We can get caught in the rut of our lives that even with the best intentions we don’t make the transformations we are hoping for.

I’m all about breaking things down to understand them better. When we are stuck we are so focused on the is one idea. It’s usually the issue or how hard it is or that we don’t think we have what it takes to do it. So we don’t actually see what is really going on.

I believe that the meaning of life is to learn and have fun.

If we take that concept into our everyday lives we can see the patterns. We start something new and have this big learning curve and then settle and get comfortable and it becomes easy. Then we could get a little bored and need a new challenge. So we try something new and it’s tricky. So we find ourselves getting triggered all over the place when we star new things. This can even make us feel like we have gone backwards. Some people may give up at this point. But the trick is to understand what is triggering you and releasing it.

Often we try to do things on our own. This seems crazy to me. There are billions of people on the planet, surely we aren’t meant to do things on our own. Listen to your guidance and follow it. If you feel like you are constantly being told to do something and you’re not doing it and then wonder why you aren’t moving forward. That could be why. You need to do that thing. That could be the thing you need to release the trigger.

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Kemina is in Newmarket and does Home Visits. Ph 0400 565 116
Kemina is in Newmarket and does Home Visits. Ph 0400 565 116
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